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Golden Rice and Greenpeace’s Crime Against Humanity
Greenpeace has openly and aggressively spread misinformation about Golden Rice since it was first invented and has continued to do so at every opportunity.
*HBN Exposed*
“Behind the Curtain: Healthy Building Network is the Same Old Greenpeace”
*Nuclear News*
My statement to the US Congressional Committee on Energy & Resources
*Miami Herald*
Learn how activist campaigns will ultimately harm human health and the planet in my editorial “How Sick is That?”
Environmentalism for the 21st Century
A text version of my speech about the future of environmentalism
In the Media
My reports from the environmental front since starting the Greenspirit website in 1996.
Trees are the answer
My newly revised 10th Anniversary Edition, challenges our common assumptions on forests and forestry, and demonstrates why those assumptions are so often wrong
Key Environmental Issues
Find out what activists don’t want you to know.
Environmental Consulting Services
Greenspirit Strategies provides advice on sustainability and environmental issues.
Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout
My engaging firsthand account of many years spent as the ultimate Greenpeace insider, a co-founder and leader in the organization’s top committee.

The Climate Pledge Of Resistance Saying No
When people have had enough of empty talk, its time to take action. Start by taking the pledge. While you are at it also check out other cool articles on the site with topics ranging from existentialism to advice on home-based laser epilation products