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Green Spirit – Trees are the Answer

delivers a powerful message about forests that runs contrary to much of the environmental movement’s current thinking. This enlightening half hour documentary gives us new eyes with which to see the land, exploring the beauty, biodiversity and spirit of forests growing back after logging. With logical argument based on facts and science, Dr. Patrick Moore demonstrates that rather than reducing our consumption of wood, we should be planting more trees and using more renewable wood in order to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fuels and materials. By linking forests, biodiversity conservation, and climate change into a unified understanding of the global environment he shows that the apparent logic of saving the forests by cutting fewer trees and using less wood is actually an anti-environmental proposition. Moore’s message is based on personal experience – as a member of a family that has been logging on northern Vancouver Island for three generations – and as a lifelong environmentalist who was a co-founder and long-time leader of Greenpeace. An ecologist by training, he has a deep love of the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Written in clear, non-technical prose, Green Spirit provides a new insight into how forests work and how they can play a powerful role in solving many of our current environmental problems.

“May the forest be with you”